mod-cas - Configuration

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mod-cas - Configuration


Apache 1.3: Loading Module

Sometimes you might need these two directives to activate mod-cas:

   LoadModule cas_module /usr/local/apache/libexec/
   AddModule  mod_cas.c

Configuration Directives

CasCookieName Directive

Description: Defines cookie name to be used for sessions
Syntax: CasCookieName name
Default: CasCookieName CAS
Context: server config, directory, .htaccess
Cookies are not implemented yet.

CasCookies Directive

Description: Enables use of cookies for authentication and authorization.
Syntax: CasCookies On|Off
Default: CasCookies On
Context: server config, directory, .htaccess
Cookies are not implemented yet.

CasScheme Directive

Description: Defines server-side CAS scheme for authentication
Syntax: CasScheme name
Default: no default
Context: server config, directory, .htaccess
CAS protocol requires a Scheme parameter defining an authentication scheme. This directive sets the scheme for all servers of the context.

CasServer Directive

Description: Defines a CAS server for authentication
Syntax: CasServer server[:port] [weight] [ ssl|nossl]
Default: CasServer server:4466 1 ssl
Context: server config, directory, .htaccess
This is the main directive of CAS module. It defines a single CAS server that can be asked for authentication. Port 4466 and SSL encryption has been set as default by CAS specification. So it is used here, too.

There can be as many CasServer directives as possible. The module will try each one in order of appearance. If one server cannot be connected or has internal errors, the module will try the next one until it finds one that answers correctly and accepts or denies the authentication request.

Servers can be balanced by the weight parameter. It gives the number of successful authentications before moving on to next CAS server. Note that "successful" here means either that a user has been accepted or denied. All servers are equal in weight by default.

CasTimeout Directive

Description: Defines internal timeout for CAS requests.
Syntax: CasTimeout seconds
Default: CasTimeout 3
Context: server config, directory, .htaccess
This directive sets the number of seconds the Apache server will wait for a CAS server to answer his request. Timeouts are not implemented yet. Timeout is set to 3 seconds so far.